Christmas with a difference

I have never been apprehensive about Christmas before. Probably not surprising really, as for 26 years it has pretty much been the same tradition. I go to my mum’s house. We have a spiced up turkey with rice and peas, roast potatoes and the usual Christmas accompaniments. We are made to watch the Queen’s speech. Then somewhere towards the end of the day, me and one of my siblings have an argument which leads to an old school, WWF inspired fight. My mum spends the battle reminding me of my age whilst I focus on the fact that no matter how much I grimace, my Sibling Combat Skills are getting progressively worse. Despite my worsening performance, this is Christmas exactly as I like it.

 [picture courtesy of tumblr]
I usually end up on the floor…
This year is going to be different. I’m not going to be at home but as a fully functioning adult I can deal with that. Plus, a few years ago I spent Christmas in Ghana with a Muslim friend and I loved it.

ghana looking at sea cultural magpie
Ghana was amazing

Tonight I’m off to spend Christmas in Germany with my boyfriend and his family for ten whole days. I’m apprehensive because I’m still at that stage where I want to keep up the façade of being perfection in human form and don’t think that I can fool his parents for such a long period of time. I have also just started to get used to German honesty and unashamed nosiness interest in everything. This is fine in small doses but I’m scared that my Britishness may make me burst out ‘Don’t be rude and stop staring!…Please’.

Hopefully it’ll be better than I think and I’ll be filling you all in about how I actually had nothing to worry about. His family are the biggest Christmas fans that I have ever heard of so it’ll be interesting to see what they get up to.

Whilst I’m spending Christmas in Deutschland, I hope that you all have a lovely break. I will fill you in when I am back.

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