A General Let Down

I was so sure that Labour were going to win the General Election that I was planning on having a celebratory red party.

labour logo

As  I whimsically planned what food to have at the celebration, most of Britain were crushing my dreams by voting Conservative.

red party food
A couple of the delights I planned on having

red food strawberry mice

It’s not a surprise that I was so sure that Labour were going to win

On Thursday evening #ToriesOutNow was trending on Twitter.

It seemed that lots people wanted a change from the uncaring,not in touch with the real world Tories.

All of this gave me hope.  It made me feel that I was not the only person who cared about others. I was not the only one who thought that cutting legal aid was unjust. It was also nice, I thought as I happily noted a positive poll before bed, that I was not the only one who thought that healthcare was essential and not something that should just be for those who happen to be rich. It was great, I mused as I put my head on my pillow, that so many people felt that their fellow man shouldn’t be penalised just for being disabled or mentally ill or a young person or a parent or a human who values human rights.

Then I  woke up. The Tories had won the General election.

Why did the Conservatives win????

Maybe they won because people just couldn’t take Ed Miliband seriously. Every time the Labour leader came on TV on the run up to the election P would roll his eyes whilst proclaiming ‘Aww just look at this geek’.

I was surprised that my kind, loving boyfriend could be so dismissive just by noting someone’s lack of charisma and confidence.

Maybe the Tories won because right wing media newspapers such as The Sun and The Telegraph were committed to helping the Tories win.


The Sun also had front pages like this;

ed front page

What does the way someone eats Bacon have to do with running the country? Does eating bacon nicely have anything to do with running the country? Why did they choose this picture of him? They purposely used pictures of him looking unattractive to appeal to some of their reader’s superficial values.

 I have no idea why the Tories won the election- what do you think? Maybe it

A whole other stinging issue that would require more than this post, is that unfortunately UKIP  had a ridiculous rise in votes this year. As a Black British Londoner that hurts.

Moving On

I had frantic thoughts of emigrating anywhere when I heard the result and in the midst of this, P soothingly cajoled that if England became  unbearable that yes, moving to his home nation Germany is a viable option.

packed bags

However, once I calmed down I decided that moving  wasn’t the answer. I need to do more than just vote to help Britain to become a country that I feel happy and proud to live in.

©  Cultural Magpie

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