Growing and arranging my own Wedding Flowers

Since becoming an engaged lady I have learnt two things:

  1. Everyone seems to be a mastermind on how exactly I should have my wedding day.

  2. As soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ to any potential vendor they quadruple the asking price and tell you about 1,000, 000 extras that are suddenly essential. It’s like they think that they’ve just won the lottery when a customer mentions the word ‘wedding’.

lottery winners blog

I can deal with the Tradition Enforcement Officers that I have now uncovered in my life as I’m used to just doing my own thing. Dealing with the cost of wedding products is a whole different matter.

When I casually popped into a florist, I was shocked that a hand tied wedding bouquet (basically a bunch of flowers tied together) could cost £50, later I needed a bit of sit down when another florist quoted me £100.

These prices are ridiculous. In the supermarket, a decent bunch of flowers cost £10, do they really charge up to £90 on top of that just to tie them?

Here is how I intend to beat the cost:

  1. Growing my own wedding flowers bought from the pound shop

My wedding will be right at the beginning of May so only a limited amount of flowers are in season then. I’m not quite feeling having spring flowers in my wedding bouquet but will be perfectly happy to have them dotted around the venue.

tulips vase

In my local pound shop I spotted 8 tulip bulbs for £1. I bought a few of these and when I discovered that one bulb usually equates to one flower I ordered lots more that were even better value on eBay.

cultural magpie tulip packet

I have a decent sized garden (for london) and lots of random flower pots that the previous owners left so planted the tulips.

cultural magpie digging

cultural magpie planting

The packet says that they bloom in March to May so fingers crossed, alongside me remembering to water them, hopefully they’ll be ready in time.

  1. Making my own wedding bouquet

To hone my flower arranging skills, I signed up to a wedding bouquet making course. It was good as I learnt the techniques to make  an array of fancy floral creations.

 But I plan on having a hand tied bouquet whilst the course focused on line bouquets and flower head dresses ;I have definitely learnt to read course descriptions carefully.

Line bouquet
The line bouquet that I made
cultural magpie head dress
The floral headdress

Line bouquets look nice but are not really my cup of tea.

The tutor mentioned that hand tied bouquets are super easy and whizzed through the techniques.

I don’t feel confident enough to just do it the day before my wedding so I plan on having a practise first. I refuse to spend £100 for £10 worth of flowers so am committed to learning how to make my own bouquet with flowers that I will buy. I’ll update you how it all goes. Hopefully I won’t be writing a post about how £100 is actually quite an ok price for £10 worth of flowers…

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