Introducing German Wednesdays

So my husband is German.

Pre having a child honestly, I didn’t really try to learn the language. I’d get through Deutsch encounters with a handful of hard worn clauses, a phrase book and my husband’s translation skills. I was busy exploring what I wanted to do in the world and frankly, I would have much preferred to have learnt Reggaeton- dancing- cool -sounding Spanish.


Since having our daughter that all changed as my husband speaks to our daughter solely in German and rightly so. Being bilingual does wonders for your brain and it is also important that she gets to know all sides of her rich, diverse heritage.

When I heard my husband chanting something which sounded like a hearty German football anthem whilst getting her ready for the day( I later found out my hunch was right), it became even more pressing that I understood what was going on.


It is also amazing to see that she quickly does what he says when she is given instructions, showing how much German she has learnt but it also highlights how much I could quickly fall behind what is going on in my family.

I’ve got over the fact that I would love to spend my ‘learning time’ translating Reggaeton lyrics and thinking about how to order Churros and I am learning German.

Photo by Pixabay


As well as the huge hope that I learn German by osmosis,I have now decided that I will be learning by integrating language learning into our weekly life. Every Wednesday, we have decided that my husband will not talk to me in English at all. Just German. He will text me in German. Call me and speak German.Talk to me about things concerning our daughter in German. I would love to do a course but at the moment going to one which fits into our time constraints is just not possible.

I have to admit I’m a bit afraid of this,we had a test run and I was so overwhelmed that we reverted back to English. I know, this will not help me to learn German. I will be pushing through despite the horror of not being able to understand anything.

German Wednesdays will be commencing this Wednesday and I will let you know how I get on, wish me luck.

Do you have any tips to help me to learn more German? Have you ever learnt a new language? How did you get on?


(a.k.a ‘Bye’)



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