Lockdown Learning: The Power Of Effort

I’ve realised recently that life can be amazing if you put in the effort to make it so.

When I write about effort I don’t mean working like a  Salaryman to become a millionaire or get a promotion.
salary man

I really do not mean becoming an Instagram hottie with millions of followers and the deity like treatment that comes with it.

It could be the unhailed process of looking your emotional triggers straight in the face, trying your best to identify them and lovingly ‘doing the work’ as Aunty Iyanla says, so that they no longer become issues for you and wounds that inadvertently bleed onto others.

Aunty Iyanla Vanzant


Effort could mean being solidly committed to exercising, really this time,  giving you less ammunition for rumination and worry about potential health issues.

Recently I’ve seen  in practice that discipline and effort is an elixir that takes your wishes, ideas and ideals out of your head into your world.

During this quarantine when not enveloped in raising my children, I’ve had more time to put effort into things I used to  halfheartedly do. I have cracked cooking Jamaican fried dumplings that puff and swell with pride and that is merely because I took the time out to properly read the recipe that I’ve had in a beloved, authentic cook book for years.

Dumplings courtesy of Morris Time Cooking, yum

I no longer fleetingly think about graduating from giving my daughter two big canerows and am now happily refining 4 .


I have learnt that if I think about doing something, I need to respect myself enough to mentally explore the idea and enact it if I wish. I’ve realised putting real, sustained effort into things that pull you give you a sense of accomplishment and adds to your self esteem. I read recently that procrastination is sometimes a by-product of fear and seeing the impact that doing things has had on my confidence, I now think that is sometimes the case.

This period has also made me grateful for the time and effort I took to nurture great relationships pre- lockdown, meaning that although in some ways I am more alone, I am definitely not lonely or void of  hearty, symbiotic connections with loved ones.
Have you learnt anything new recently? Have you been able to put more effort into things that bring you joy? What are you happy you did before this began?

I hope that you are doing well and are finding things that bring luminosity into your life



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