Carnival 2020

I didn’t expect to be so disappointed that Notting Hill Carnival is not on this year.
My dad has been going every year since the 70s and although I am really not that bruck out at carnival, getting in there without fail every year kind of person, I have realised that mentally knowing it was on gave me great comfort and rooted me.

So this year in honour of my rich, vibrant culture and the ancestors who came before me, we are doing carnival at home.

I began by teaching A about the origins of Caribbean carnivals, glossing over it’s contemporary evolution as a response to oppression, she is only 3 after all. I believe in giving her a foundation of pride in her roots by teaching her about her  positive, uplifting cultural history.

globe masks watermarked

Next, we did my favourite part; we made masks.
Think feathers, sequins, tissue paper, everywhere. I was in crafting, creative nirvana.


I’m not competing with my toddler or anything but my daughters mask turned out  to be waaay better than mine which honestly was a bit of a surprise. She has a good eye for how things look. I humbled myself and made a note to continue nurturing her nack for art and visuals.

mask watermark with craft materials


final mask blog watermark


I am now off to check the soaked fish for ackee and saltfish later, think about our musical playlist and bask in today which I have renamed ‘Caribbean People are Awesome Day’
Wishing you a lovely, happy Carnival 2020!




Copyright Cultural Magpie 2020

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