Ich liebe Berlin!

It was P’s 30th birthday on monday so we went to Berlin for a (very) long weekend to celebrate.

Honestly I was not expecting much at all. I have been to what seems like 1,000,000 european cities and quite a few of them just seem the same. I find myself walking through some cities mentally ticking off a Standard European City Checklist; Clean? Check. Very cold in winter? Check. High street stores that I see in London all the bloody time?!? Check.

I was thinking that  I might just write one blog post about the highlights of Berlin if it interested me slightly but Berlin is so amazing that one blog post is not enough at all! It is definitely not your average european city.  Berlin is packed with cool culture, fascinating history, gorgeous food and beautiful buildings. In the next couple of weeks I will write fully about why I love Berlin so much, in the meantime here are a few pics to give you a taster of what’s to come.


berlin collage



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