Things are changing up in here!

I find life amazing. One day you’re ferreting away at a job you do not like, the next day you are swarmed by babies and all of the child paraphernalia that comes with it. One day I’m dreaming about my next, basically set in stone, international travel destination, the next, I’m discovering the beauty that was on my doorstep all along and thinking that a 2 week holiday in the UK may not be as absurd as it once used to sound.

Along with the changes in my personal circumstances and the world, this blog is changing as well.

Expect more highbrow (but also sometimes funny?…) commentary about what is going on in the world and musings on all things culture, through my unique Caribbean lens.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, stick around. If not, I appreciate that you were with me for some of the journey, I’ll try not to get too offended that you’re leaving 😉

Thank you all for being with me as I found my feet in the Blogosphere, your support really helped me to bloom into the writer I now I am.

I hope that you’re all doing well, love to you and yours



Cultural Magpie 2021


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