Top Podcasts for Black Women

As a Stay At Home Mum who often uses my precious downtime to multitask, sitting in front of a screen for ages is really not my kind of thing anymore.
Over the years of cramming in self care  when I get the chance, I have inadvertently curated a  list of auditory delights and quick videos that are boosting, rejuvenating or simply entertaining.  I hope that you find that these podcasts maximise the quality of your free time too:

Well being

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema

blog dr thema podcast

Disclaimer: this podcast is not a replacement for therapy but definitely feels like therapy. Dr Thema is the Psychologist, come ordained minister, made famous by being the expert on Chad loves Michelle (ex Destiny’s child).
That reality show aside, this podcast is deep. Sometimes so deep I have to stop listening to truly reflect on what is being discussed or come back to an episode days later.
It is best to follow the podcasts in order as they seem to build on one another. She sets homework which really makes you feel like you’re truly ‘doing the work’ to improve your life. Expect inner personal progress and greater self awareness if you’re willing to engage and honestly reflect on the questions she poses. This series is superb and surprisingly, absolutely free. Her twitter feed is also gold dust.

Cassandra Mack 

cassandra mack blog 2

This may sound a bit silly but one of the reasons I love this channel is because of Ms Mack’s swanky New York accent. Cassandra presents straight up relatable advice to help you navigate life with sprinkles of biblical backing. Topics range from dealing with toxic people to setting goals. She gives off the vibe of a relatable aunty who has learned her life lessons and happily shares them – enjoy!

Therapy for Black Girls

therapy for black girls podcast

Dr Joy is an Atlanta based Psychologist who presents podcasts on an extremely vast range of topics, often joined by subject specific experts. As I write this her broad podcast back catalogue stands at 132 episodes.


Lisa Cabrera

lisa cabrera

Although the primary focus of this social and political news channel is on  American news, Lisa often reports on issues that affect black people across the entire globe. Bear in mind that her views on the biblical reasons for modern demographic changes, although supported  by facts may seem controversial for some. Either way it is thought provoking to have a non-westernised, pro black take on the state of the world at the moment.

Dr Mumbi Show 

dr mumbi show blog 2

Dr Mumbi’s channel is a beacon for all across Africa and it’s diaspora. With experience of working for the United Nations and Kenyan national broadcasters , her  videos about current news are always very considered, professional and steeped in thorough accessible knowledge. I always feel like I’ve learnt something  after listening to one of her videos. Although coverage focuses on current African centered political news, her show also features occasional motivational, upliftment to aid the ‘awakening’ of African people. Her knowledgeable, passionate and pro African stance is refreshing and vital.

Talk and Entertainment

Jamelia Presents… The Table  

blog jamelia table

Jamelia, aka ‘Gotta be a superstar Jamelia‘, is adding strings to her repertoire and now hosts her own Youtube talk show. She has created a safe, open forum to discuss topics that relate to the distinct Black British experience. Expect the best of Black British minds, stimulating discussions and vulnerability.  This show is a great and necessary contribution to the Black British media sphere.

Tea & Biscuits Podcast!  

tea and biscuits blog

From the get go, the hosts of this award nominated podcast are completely and utterly  themselves, and hilariously so! Sheryl Blu and Janice Miss Mad News, discuss current events and entertainment stories with a frank, stimulating British Caribbean edge.

The prude in me had to to get used to the rawness of their language and topics touched on as they really get into the nitty gritty of taboo subjects like sex and underwear. Despite my initial need to shed my inner nun, this show is definitely entertaining and  you will be hard pressed to find many other podcasts like it.

Happy listening!

Are there any podcasts or talk shows that you enjoy listening to? Let me know, I am always on the look out for great entertainment. 



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