Cheap, Unique Valentine’s Day Activities

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is imminent. Cue spending a fiver on cards, more on a present that you hope your other half likes, and an even greater sum on a meal in a bustling restaurant along with what feels like millions of other couples.
After 12 years of this debacle, I’m on the hunt for a cheap,unique alternative. Yes part of my motivation is because I am cheap   hate spending more money than I have to. But I think that one of the hidden benefits of frugality  is that it forces you to be creative, which hopefully makes for a memorable day.

Here are some cheap, fun alternatives to very tired dinner-restaurant valentine’s days:


Do a Dance Routine together

Look up ‘Dance Tutorial’ on your favourite video sharing website and get moving if you both are that way inclined. You could even film the end result and wear cool music video worthy outfits if you wish.

man wearing white long sleeved shirt while dancing

Have a Film night

Get your duvet, hot dogs and buns from your local supermarket and your favourite snacks. You can find DVDs at your local library. There are also lots of free or very cheap movies available online. Home? Food? Guaranteed cosy times? Bliss.

food snack popcorn movie theater

Make a new, exciting dish together

After our recent holiday to Asia we absolutely fell in love with Vietnamese pancakes. This Valentine’s day we are going to try to make them. Not only do we get great food (fingers crossed), we will also  learn new culinary skills, work as a team and achieve something novel together.

anise aroma art bazaar

If you really want to put a Valentine’s Day stamp on what you make, you could also shape your food into a  heart shape. Lovely…

boiled egg on top on bread beside salt shaker

Set up a Home Spa

Get some spa-eque rainforest sounds from Youtube, light some candles and give your boo a massage, manicure, facial etc.

To avoid bruises and terror, look up a few techniques and tips before hand.

love romantic bath candlelight

Get Creative Together

You could do portraits of one another. Get sharpies and decorate mugs. You could also custom make t-shirts (probably just to be worn at home). Any materials that you don’t have to hand, can be easily found in your local pound shop. The only limit is what you can come up with.

girl in white and brown plaid long sleeved top painting


Do a Favourite Moments Slide Show

Compile some of your most treasured captured memories and spend an evening reminiscing. This will help to remind you both how awesome you are and may even kindle conversation about your vision for future happy times.

collection of gray scale photos

Have a Games Night

Simply get your favourite games out of the cupboard and start playing. To really up the ante you could set up a leader board in which the loser has to do a forfeit.

abstract board game bundle business

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that in amongst all of the marketing spiel that you feel connected to your loved ones and enjoy your moments together.

Do you have any other cheap, fun date ideas? If so, let me know!




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