Why Christmas Markets in Berlin are awesome

I have a hunch that one of the main reasons that we went to Berlin for P’s birthday was to  give him a much needed Christmas fix.
Walk for ten minutes in any direction during the festive season and I’m 99% sure that you’ll come across a Christmas Market. They are everywhere!

collage markets magpie
Surprisingly, my Christmas Bah Humbug-ness has started shedding as I absolutely loved the Christmas Markets in Berlin.
Here is why they are amazing

Christmas markets in Berlin are not absolutely freezing

As I basically spend the whole of winter desperately trying to locate my nearest heater, keeping warm is a big deal to me.Berlin is cold in December so I was really happy to see that the Christmas Markets had fires dotted around, providing some much needed heat.

magpie fire

Lots of stalls also savvily sold super soft, really warm looking woollen products. My warmth Quota was sorted.

They sell gorgeous food

At the market I tried my very first waffle which was lovely.

I noticed that a Hungarian dish called Langos was really popular so I had a try of this too; it was basically a thick, flat yorkshire pudding.

food market magpie
It looked so good that I only remembered to take a picture after I’d  already had a bite!

I chose to have mine topped with garlic sauce, cheese and ham. Apple sauce was an alternative option but I  think that would’ve tasted a bit odd. The Langos was doughy, crispy comfort food at its best!


They have decent entertainment

At the Christmas Market on Gendarmenmarkt ballerina’s performed.


ballet market magpie

Also at this market, there were fairy like ladies on stilts who hung mistletoe over couples, forcing them to kiss.

mistletoe magpie

There were also lots of other random characters hobbling around. I had no idea who they were supposed to be dressed as but it all added to the fun!

magpie character market


At the Christmas Market inside the Sony Centre there was an ice themed show complete with a Snow Queen, lots of smoke and a plethora of  coloured lights.

snow queen magpie


At  the Christmas Market outside the Rotes Rathaus ;‘Red Townhall’, there was a pimped up Santa who rode an actual sleigh in the sky.

santa magpie
The sleigh seemed to move in the air on what looked like like a sturdy zip liner .

It got a bit awkward when Santa’s sleigh started zooming backwards but for me this was a definite highlight.

santa close magpie


©  Cultural Magpie


5 thoughts on “Why Christmas Markets in Berlin are awesome

    1. I know! I have no idea why I haven’t had a waffle before as they are everywhere. Langos’ are definitely not common in London though. I am a big fan of the food in Germany 🙂


      1. To be honest, Langos’ are not common in Germany either. There are special opportunities like Christmas Markets where we can buy them, but apart from that, Hungary is the country for them 🙂


      2. Interesting! It’s always useful to get insight from a native of a country I have travelled to 🙂


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