‘The Interruption of Everything’ by Terry McMillan – Simple Escapism

This book wasn’t profound, eye-opening and didn’t leave me looking at the world in a whole new way, but it was a bit of light relief in in these sadness saturated times.

Mcmillan’s portrayal of Marilyn, a wealthy black woman was refreshing as there was no overt sign of having to Battle the system or trying to thrive whilst being surrounded by Psycho Racists, unlike other books I’ve started but had to stop reading recently.

It was simply about menopausal Marilyn’s journey to find the courage to do something about her feelings of dissatisfaction with her life and her shifting relationships with others.

She enjoyed cooking and was an excellent crafter; simple, uncomplicated, just being a human being activities.

Typical of Terry McMillan, the book was seasoned with generous helpings of humour and wit.

As usual Terry bought her witty A- game

Although the ending seemed rushed, it was nice to escape into Marilyn’s world.

Have you read anything enjoyable lately? Are there any books that you recommend?

I hope that you are well.




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