London Sky Garden: Lots of sky, not much garden

As you may have gathered, I’m quite into nature so was beyond happy when I heard that the Sky Garden in Fenchurch Street had opened.
I got even more excited when I learnt that a visit to this attraction was actually free!

I built up the Sky Garden to basically be Paradise meets The Chelsea Flower show adorned by Kew Gardens.

chelsea flower show

With all of this self created build up, it’s easy to see why I was a little bit disappointed.

I was expecting a variety of flowers, exotically arranged in positions that defied the laws of nature but instead saw lots of semi-tropical looking green bush that all looked the same to me.

sky garden bush
Despite the lack of  a garden which met my heavenly expectations, the views were amazing.
Sky garden 1 cultural magpie

Sky garden 3 cultural magpie

shard sky garden cultural magpie

Being up high, looking down on the awesomeness that is London made me feel proud to be from such an amazing city.

I would recommend going to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchchurch Street, just don’t expect much of a garden.


2 thoughts on “London Sky Garden: Lots of sky, not much garden

  1. I read an article whose author had the same opinion right after it was opened to the public. You still got some great shots, though! 🙂 I recommend going to The Roof Gardens instead. I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago (it’s listed as one of the first articles on my page); the Spanish Garden is the nicest part. Also free, I highly recommend!

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    1. Quite a few people have recommended The Roof Gardens to me so I’ll definitely have to check it out. It appeals to me even more now I know it’s free 🙂 I’ll probably wait until summer though!


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